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Scan of a alzheimer patient.

The Memory Clinic at Silicon Valley Medical Imaging was started to take away the guesswork and promote early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease so that treatment options can be initiated early and people live better and longer.

• Alzheimer’s is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States.

• Every 72 seconds, one new person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease

• Early Diagnosis is key to early treatment.

• Early treatment is key to delayed institutionalization.

• PET Imaging offers 92% accuracy in diagnosing Alzheimer’s

• Medicare and several private insurances cover Brain PET scanning for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease versus Frontotemporal dementia.

As people age, it is considered normal to be forgetful on occasion. However, if this impairs the ability of a person to perform regular tasks, one should consider the possibility of Alzheimer’s Disease.

As people live longer, the reported incidences of Alzheimer’s Disease are increasing all over the globe. Just like Diabetes, currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, but there are treatments available that can help slow down its progression. Also, if the disease is picked up in its early stages, the treatment impact on the patient is much more noticeable. Hence the thrust to diagnose and confirm it early.

PET-CT scans are most commonly employed for diagnosis or follow-up of cancer. However, brain PET-CT scans allow early diagnosis and confirmation of Alzheimer’s Disease. Brain PET-CT scans increase the diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity of picking up Alzheimer’s disease several years prior to its clinical onset. It is clearly the best tool available to make a more informed and confident diagnosis of this withering disease.

At Silicon Valley Memory Center, we offer expert interpretation by our world-renowned expert on functional brain imaging, Dr. Puneet Chandak. This further increases the diagnostic accuracy of this very sophisticated detection technique.

A elderly man staring off onto a lake.

Dr. Chandak’s experience in Alzheimer’s Imaging dates back to the days of SPECT imaging at Harvard Medical School where he trained with the world leader in functional brain imaging, and together they authored the world’s first Internet-based “Altas of Brain SPECT Imaging” in 1994.

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